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Master’s racing 2017 season – Rules and Information



Welcome to the 2017 season of Master’s racing.
Some rules are highlighted below.

Your race number from the past year is good for 2017. We assume you have renewed your membership ($40) in the BC Masters Cycling Association (BCMCA) and are also in the same year age category. If not please do so and request a new number (for the correct age category). Only BCMCA Members will be able to accumulate points for our championships. Non-members will get a loaner number at sign-on and will be charged a non-member fee of $5 for each event.

This is part of your race license. You must have a BC Race License (UCI – $160) or a Cycling BC Provincial Ride license ($60) to race in BC Masters events.
You can get this online through Cycling BC:

Membership Registration 2017

However this year you can get a one day event license for $10 (Canadian Residents)by filling out the application at race sign-on.

One Day license: Non-Canadian Residents
Note that the insurance coverage is limited to Canadian residents under the age of 80 who are covered under a Federal or Provincial Hospital or Medical Plan.
Non-Canadian residents may take part in our club activities under the following conditions:
The rider holds a UCI race license; or
The rider must buy a one day license for $12 and sign the Cycling BC waiver
 by filling out the application at race sign-on.

Because we don’t have hordes of officials and commissionaires, we have always relied on the riders policing themselves with regard to acceptable conduct and adherence to the rules of racing and laws of the highways.

It’s quite simple. You can only deviate from these rules under the directions of Certified Marshals, or police. While we would like to shut the roads down it’s just not practical. You are required to stay on the right-hand side of the road to be safe both from harm and disqualification.

Points will be accumulated from your best 15 events towards age group and overall championships, male and female. Points will only be accumulated by BCMCA members. That does not mean 1st member, 2ndmember, 3rd member. If the 1st person is a non-member and the 2nd person is a member, the 2nd person will get 2nd place points, etc.

We may recognize events that are organized solely by another club. When a club identifies our members at sign-on and provides us with results that fit our point’s format, we will award points at half the rate (see Spring Series TTs on new draft schedule).

If less 4 persons sign-on for a group, those persons can start with the group starting ahead of them.

We have set-up our schedule and points system (only 15 events count) to allow everyone the opportunity to volunteer and compete for the championships. Clubs that host events often require there members to volunteer or bring someone to help. This works well and as a result we have great events. I hope we can keep it that way.

I thank you for your attention to the BCMCA and in advance for all you efforts to make our season safe and fun.

See you at the races! Bring your best!


2017 Welcome from Bill Yearwood


Hello Everyone;

I hope you found somewhere to ride this winter, or are chomping at the bit to get out there. I have been hovering with work work and personal work (still trying to get my property in Victoria remodeled – seems like it will be a while before I can retire and move).

WRT Master racing, here attached is a skeleton for the 2017 race schedule.

Please let me know if what is there works for you and for those looking to put on an event, let me know where you would like it to fit in.

On another note, unless you know anyone that wants to help with our website, I will be trying manage it. Please bear with me as I try to learn that magic.

Cheers for now;



C W Yearwood

BC Masters Invitation


BC Masters Invitation to host a club event

This year (2016) the BC Masters Cycling Association (BCMCA), in our effort to promote cycling events around the Province, is offering to pay for advertising[1], and cover unexpected losses[2] by any club, organization, or person that hosts a BCMCA road cycling event.

As many of you know, BCMCA events are low profile fun events that are for all age groups (yes – under 30 as well), that gives every age a chance to win. Points and medals are given to the top finisher in each 5 year age group and when we use a handicap system (Australian pursuit or age adjustments) everyone has a chance to win overall. Have a look at our site,, and review the tab for organizer resources. You will see it all laid out.  

BCMCA is committed to running non-commercial events that are for cyclists, and we make an effort to ensure volunteers are given an equal chance to win any sponsored prizes. With good promotions some clubs make a little money and when that happens, BCMCA makes a little too. Last year we made about $225 total for the 14 BCMCA events. This is as close as one can get to breaking even, and suggests our entry fee of $20 is on the mark. I am committed to doing as much as I can to keep this cost to riders low.

Attached is a very rough draft of a 2016 schedule of road cycling event planned as BCMCA (green) events, and other (blue) events that could impact turnout if one chooses to put on an event on the same day.

I hope you join us in making bicycle racing in BC available in your area. If you have thoughts or an idea to host a race this year, please contact me and let’s get it in the schedule (even if tentative).

Best wishes for 2016,

            Bill Yearwood                               604 323-3556

[1] Flyers and posters

[2] Losses caused by reasonable (must have/should have) expenses and unforeseen low participant turnout


We have established a BC Masters group on Facebook and encourage you to join as a member. We would like you to share your thoughts about cycling and your experiences. This forum is good for us to improve and promote our events, encourage bike clubs and shops to participate, ‎and make our sport better.
Please join and post your thoughts and cool ‎events. This can also be a good place to share travel plans and coordinate rides.