2017 Season Opening Weekend

Again this year, we start our season with a bang. Two hill climbs May 6 at Mill Bay and South Shawnigan  (for the price of one). To assist our planning, please let event coordinator Dave Steen know as soon as possible if you intend to ride one or both hill climbs. To make the event worthwhile, both to riders and organizers/helpers, we’re aiming to have at least 20 riders take part. I encourage you to bring out your cycling friends and all participate.

Then on Sunday May 7 we hit the roads between Duncan and Maple Bay for one of the best road races. Sandra Beggs and her team at Cycle Therapy make it all happen.

Your race number from the past year is good for 2017, however if you need a new one because your number is tattered let us know. We trust you have renewed your membership ($40) in the BC Masters Cycling Association (BCMCA) and are also in the same year age category. If not please do so and request a new number (for the correct age category). Along with the benefit of being able to accumulate points for our championships, you will be entitled to a discount of $5 at each event (without your number you will be charged the non-member entry fee). Non-members will get a loaner number at sign-on.

Insurance is part of a race license.You must have a BC Race License (UCI – $160) or a Cycling BC Provincial Ride license ($60) to race in BC Masters events. You get 24/7 accident insurance and when competing in sanctioned evens you will have general sport accident and liability coverage.
Get this online through Cycling BC:

You can get a one day event license for $10 (Canadian Residents)by filling out the application at race sign-on.

Because we don’t have hordes of officials and commissionaires, we have always relied on the riders policing themselves with regard to acceptable conduct and adherence to the rules of racing and laws of the highways.

It’s quite simple. You can only deviate from these rules under the directions of Marshals, or police. You are required to stay on the right-hand side of the road to be safe both from harm and disqualification.

If less than 4 persons sign-on for a group, those persons can start with the group starting ahead of them.

We have set-up our schedule and points system to allow everyone the opportunity to volunteer and compete for the championships. This works well and as a result we have great events. I hope we can keep it that way.

 The BCMCA calendar is quite sparsely populated this year so far. Have a look and see if you can add an event. If not come out and make the ones we have count. Show the organizer how much we appreciate their work.

I thank you for your ongoing efforts to make our season safe and fun.


Bill Yearwood

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