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Membership fee
BC Masters Cycling Association events are classed as club events, however licenced riders can take part in BCMCA events without joining if they pay the non-member entry fee. The cost of membership is only $40 for a calendar year. The entry fees for members are $10 or $20 depending on the event type. Non-members entry fees are $15 or $25 for the same events, so we recommend membership. Besides being inexpensive, membership means you can collect points for the annual championship, are fed lavishly (free) at the final event awards luncheon, you get a permanent number, and there is less hassle for you and officials at events. An associate membership will be offered for $20. These members will have all privileges, except racing.

Racing License
NOTE: this year you can get a one day event license for $10 (Canadian Residents)by filling out the application at race sign-on.
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A racing license is required for race entry regardless of BCMCA membership status. It comes in 2 options:
1. Cycling BC Provincial Ride License ($60) –  With this license, you can enter Provincial and Regional level races in the novice category and BC Masters Races.
2. BC Race License ($160) –  is required to race in Canada outside of BC,  and internationally in UCI categories from Pro-Elite to novice.
 Generally, all BCMCA and Club races just require a $60 Provincial Ride License. The License gives you Personal Liability and Accident Insurance. Insurance details are available from CyclingBC. 

Age groups
Riders are grouped five-year divisions, starting at age 30. That’s men’s 30 to 34, 35 to 39, 40 to 44 and so on. The same for women. There’s no upper age limit.

Race format (road races)
Road races are run under a modified “Australian pursuit” format which aims at encouraging fair competition between all age groups and between men and women. You must ride in your age group. Women are advanced three age groups, or to the oldest group which ever is closer in age. All riders cover the same race distance, usually 60 to 90 kilometers. Riders go off in 10 year age groups, the oldest first. The time intervals between these ‘starts’ are set according to our best prediction of an outcome that would see the top riders for each age group finishing at the same time. Sometimes it’s necessary to start all riders together. In this case, placings are awarded on time — the amount of ‘time’ subtracted from your actual time is increased according to your age.

New Road Race Handicapping
Our official handicapper has looked at the results of several years of races and devised a new graduated handicap system that reduces the time interval as the riders get younger. Or, if you like, it increases the interval as you get older.

Race format (time trials)
Individual placings for time trials are based on a handicap formula of performance times established by the Veteran Time Trial Association of Britain (VTTA). In use since the 1940s, the formula had become controversial in recent years because it appeared that older riders, from one year to the next, were slowing down at a rate slower than originally predicted. At the Annual General Meeting, new VTTA standard times were adopted as the adjustments to be used for all BCMCA time trials.

Your opportunity to win medals
All riders are eligible to win custom-made medals. In road races the first three finishers, men and women, in each age group are awarded medals. In addition, the first three men and first three women finishers overall (Australian Pursuit) receive medals. That means that the overall male and female winner each takes home two gold medals.

In time trials, medals are presented to the first 3 overall finishers, both men and women.

To add interest and incentive to our races, we hold a season-long points competition. Riders must be BCMCA members to qualify. Only the sum of each rider’s 15, or 50% + 1 events, best finishes are counted. This limit makes it more competitive for those who cannot travel to all events. It also makes participating in ‘double points’ events even more important. The winners in each age category are awarded medals and a gift at our season-ending dinner social. Top male and female overall point-winner receives a trophy and year’s best title and generous gifts.

Points are:

  • 1st – 10, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 5, 4th – 3, and 5th – 2 for the Overall Championships
  • 1st – 10, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 5, 4th – 3, and 5th – 2 for the Age Group Championships

Overall (but not age category) points are awarded for Team Time Trials and 2-ups. (Teams may be comprised of men and/or women of any Masters’ age.

Race numbers
When you become a full member you are issued a permanent season number. It’s your proof of membership. At events it saves you the hassle and time of lining up to get a temporary number and then having to give it back after the race. Your permanent number is coded to help finish line judges see exactly where you place in races.

Entry fees
All entry fees for a racer’s first event on a weekend is $20; that is, if a person shows up for a TT on the 1st day, it will be $20. If one doesn’t do the TT and shows up for the 2nd event, it will be $20. Applicable to organizers and riders. Organizers will be allowed to discount the 2nd or 3rd events for those who enter multiple events. However, no event will be less than $10. A 3 event weekend could be as low as $40 for a member. This discount would be an option open to organizers, not a requirement. Fees help cover the cost of insurance, facilites, equipment, medals, and refreshments offered free to you after each race during the award ceremony.

Fee Summary: membership $40, associate $20, race entry $20 for all events with an option to discount to $10 (special rules). Non-members will still pay a $5 premium.

And more…
The BCMCA is a volunteer organization. We are always looking for people to help at races. So if you know people — a spouse or acquaintance — who could provide willing, competent assistance, please bring them along to the races. They will surely enjoy the social ambiance recognition, and free refreshments.

New Fondo Category/Groups: Under 30 yrs and Juniors.

An alternative to regular age category racing, it features
Shorter distances–approx. 40K for Juniors, regular distance for Under 30’s

  • Massed start–after the last Group is off
  • Time accounts for all
  • No points
  • No interaction with the other groups except at the social